• You no longer need to go through the ordeal of divorcing a narcissist alone. Through this battle, Tina Swithin is a beacon of clarity. You will realize that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and someday you will start to whisper “thank you” to the darkness… thank you to the pain, the fear the struggle even thank you to the narcissist ….because in the darkness you will find light you never knew you had inside your heart, strength you never imagined.

    Christie Brinkley Actress and Supermodel
  • Tina’s books have become a lifeline during my custody battle. While reading her first book, Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle,” I felt like someone finally understood my battle and then wrote about it. It’s very difficult to explain what happens in the Family Court System and Tina does it beautifully and honestly. I thank Tina on behalf of every one of us who struggled to articulate what we were going through. Thank you for sharing your story so that thousands of men and women feel less alone. I believe that this book should be a required reading material in all psychology classes and in law schools across the world.

    Kelly Rutherford Actress, Mom and Philanthropist
  • Despite the years I spent working in a maximum-security state prison, some of Tina’s descriptions of narcissism’s brutality chilled me. At the same time, her calm reassurance offered feelings of encouragement. I have had the unique opportunity of working closely with a gifted writer in the past, and I have come to deeply appreciate writing that comes from the heart, soul, and mind all at the same time. There is a growing body of good work on narcissism, and in my opinion, Tina’s ranks up there with the very best of them. As I started reading this book, I was poised to welcome Tina Swithin as a new colleague into the ranks of writers about Cluster B personality disorders. However, in reading her book, I have found myself instead becoming her fan.

    J. Paul Shirley MSW and Co-Author of “Stop Walking on Eggshells”
  • After years of research as an advocate, Swithin knows enough about these disorders to put some clinicians to shame. If you need to start over, this is the woman you want holding your hand through the process.

    Dr. Craig Malkin Psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School and author of the critically acclaimed book, Rethinking Narcissism
  • Divorcing a narcissist isn’t easy, but Tina Swithin provides many of her own tips and numerous suggestions from others to help along the way in her latest book. Personality disorders are not obvious on the surface, which is why many people marry those with these disorders and why many courts are easily misled by them — for months or years. To really understand what is going on takes looking under the surface and knowing what patterns of behavior to look for. By recognizing these patterns, it is possible to plan ahead and predict some of the problems you will face. This book will help you prepare and respond more effectively.

    Bill Eddy Co-Author of SPLITTING: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Tina Swithin’s books should be required reading for every mental health professional and their divorced clients. Too many therapists counsel clients to use communication and co-parenting strategies that are completely ineffective, and even damaging, for someone dealing with a personality-disordered ex. Tina gives readers a different paradigm for navigating high-conflict divorce, which includes learning how to anticipate and respond to crazy-making behavior, both in and out of the courtroom. Her on-line support group, One Mom’s Battle, is an invaluable resource for people in the throes of high-conflict divorce and custody battles.

    Virginia Gilbert MFT
  • Tina has been an essential part of my journey. There was a time when I was so alone in the custody battle; a time when I felt utterly confused, afraid, and overwhelmed by lawyers, court dates, and a punitive, unreasonable, terrifying ex-husband who had this knack of pulling it together in front of other people. I searched for ways to cope, to understand, and to find a way through but was stunned by the lack of resources…until I found Tina. And then everything started to change. Tina’s role as a coach has literally changed my life and the course of my journey through this process. Over the past 8 months, she has helped me strategize, think through complicated legal situations and proposals, set boundaries, draft more effective emails, and better understand both the legal and psychological issues I was facing. She is prepared, focused, and full of insight and ideas. Most importantly, she helped me reconnect with myself and to not let fear take me away from what I knew to be true and right. Our sessions have made me stronger, hopeful, and certainly wiser. I am beyond grateful to Tina. She has been invaluable to me and I can’t imagine going through this without her!

  • When I came across one of Tina’s articles on the Huffington Post website, I knew that I had found a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It was the first time in two years that I felt a sense of hope and relief. By that time, my friends had grown tired of hearing about my ongoing custody battle. It was exhausting to think about sharing my story with anyone but I knew that Tina would understand and I was right. Tina has become my mentor, my coach and someone I will be forever grateful to. She has helped me to strategize, find a new attorney and help me turn my case around. She is truly an angel on earth.

  • I was so hungry to educate myself on how to protect myself and my little one from someone I knew was unsafe. I didn’t know who to trust or turn to for advice. I felt like I was still living in the wake of Superstorm Sandy (which is what I called my relationship). Late one night, I was frantically searching the internet for information on personality disorders and co-parenting. I read a blog written by Tina Swithin. I ordered her books as soon as I could. I read both of her books in one weekend. Each page gave me more insight into my own situation. I folded, circled, underlined, and dog-eared so many pages of those books they look deformed. Those pages described ME…MY situation and MY fears. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t crazy. I began to see a glimmer of hope. Tina has been like a beacon of light. It is a daunting task to navigating co-parenting with a character disordered person and the family court system. I felt so unprepared. I was always afraid and I was tired of being afraid. That’s when I decided to contact her for a coaching session. That was one of the best decisions I have made. One hour with Tina is worth EVERY penny. I felt like I was talking to a friend and a mentor. I can’t say enough about Tina! I am inspired by her life and the way she is helping thousands of people. I can definitely say that she has been a vital part of my journey. I know that after every call, I will be more equipped for the future. She has an amazing ability to listen, empower, and inspire me to not give up because she understands every part of what I am going through. But most importantly, Tina understands my heart. She is a mama bear… so gentle with her children and fought for years to protect them. She has now what I am longing for… PEACE! Her story gives me hope. I am and will always be truly grateful to her for helping me navigate deep, murky waters.

  • I received more helpful information from you in a one-hour consultation today, than I have an almost 2 years of working with the attorneys. I should have saved my money and just worked with you!!!


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